Parse is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in 2018. Announcement here.


A Thousand Ars Poeticas won the Sixth Finch Chapbook Contest & will be published from Sixth Finch in 2018. Preorder here!

Retribution Binary won the Black River Chapbook Competition & was released from Black Lawrence Press in 2017. Announcement here. Available for purchase here!

wildcold was released from Slash Pines Press in 2016. Reviewed here.  Available for purchase here.

I’ll Love You Forever & Other Temporary Valentines won the Dead Lake Chapbook Contest & was released from Salt Hill in 2015. Available for purchase here.

Selected Poems, Print

“Missing Persons Report, with Knives.” Third Coast , Issue 40, Spring 2016. Finalist for the 2015 Third Coast Poetry Prize. Here!

“Loving You is Like Being Kicked to Death by Rabbits.” Third Coast, Issues 38/39, Winter 2015. Honorable Mention for the 2014 Third Coast Poetry Prize. Print. Here!

“Everything in My Life I’ve Invited.” Puerto del Sol, Vol. 50, Spring 2015. Print. Here!

“Loving You Terrifies Me.” Handsome Journal, Vol. 7 No. 1, Spring 2015. Print. Here!

“The Fool (O)”, “The Fool (O)” & “Wheel of Fortune (X)”. Salt Hill Journal, Issue 34, Spring 2015. Print. Here!

“Ghazal for an Absence.” Sycamore Review, Vol. 26, Issue 1, Fall/Winter 2014. Print. Here!

“Our Heroine Comes of Age”. Colorado Review, Issue 41.1, Spring 2014. Print. Here!

5 Poems. Timber, Volume 3, Spring 2014. Print. Here!

“Emigrant Ghazal #4″. Yemassee, Volume 21 Issue 1, Winter/Fall 2013. Print. Here!

“Fragility” & “Mask”. Whiskey Island, Issue 63, March 2014. Print. Here!

“Long Distance”. Sonora Review, Issue 64/65, March 2014. Print. Here!

“& It Rains” & “Jump/Push”. Caketrain, Issue 11, January 2014. Print.  Here!

“Portrait of Redemption as Whispering into the Wind” & “Self-Portrait, Aluminum Mirror”. New South, Volume 6, Issue 2. Print. Here!

Selected Poems, Published Online

“Coming of Age,” “Living Quiet Now,” “Ode to the Non-Addict in the Addict Self” & “Volta.” Jellyfish, Issue 15, October 2017. Here!

“As Evolution Goes” & “Belonging.” Devil’s Lake, Spring 2017. Here!

“MADONNA/WHORE.” Reservoir, Issue III, February 2017. Here!

Excerpt from “Portrait: Maternal Instinct.” The Fem, January 2017. Here!

“White Girl” & “In Absentia.” Heavy Feather Review’s #NotMyPresident issue, January 2017. Here!

Interrogation I, a mini chapbook published as a part of Platypus Press’s 2412 online chapbook series, December 2016. Here!

“11/9/16,” “11/9/16” & “New Field of Movement.” Queen Mob’s Teahouse, November 2016. Here!

“ENTRYWAY.” Crab Fat Magazine, October 2016. Here!

“I’m watching.” HOUSEGUEST, July 2016. Here!

“Get Sober,” “Self-Portrait as Teenager,” & “Why I Can’t Daydream.” Pretty Owl Review, July 2016. Here!

“Love Poem with a Line by Frank Stanford” & “Unhelpable.” Atlas Review, June 2016. Here!

“Ars Poetica”, “Broadest Daylight” & “Lesson.” Fog Machine, May 2016. Here!

“A Book Calls it Recognition Hunger” & “Alive with the Hauntings.” Hardly Doughnuts, Issue 2, Easter 2016. Here!

“Winter Hatches from a Faberge Egg.” BOAAT Journal, March/ April 2016 Issue. Here!

“Modernity”, “Post-Apocalyptic Bliss” & “Sweet September.” Yalobusha Review, Issue 23, Spring 2016.  Here!

“Thickens, Plot” & “Treatment.” SunDog Lit, Issue 9, Fall 2015.Here!

“Headless Reunion Song” & “The Inbetween.” Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 7, June 2015. Finalists for the Tupelo Quarterly Poetry Prize. Here!

“Dream Interpretation: Light.” The Journal, Vol. 39 No. 2, Spring 2015. Here!

“Prelude IV” & “Prelude V”. Cheat River Review, Issue 4, Spring 2015. Here!

“Dream Interpretation: Cocaine” & “Dream Interpretation: Glacier.” Hot Metal Bridge, Issue 17, May 2015.Here!

“The Lovers (VI)”. Bodega, Issue 32, April 2015. Here!

“Wheel of Fortune (X)”. Ostrich Review, Issue 7, February 2015. Here!

“Judgment (XX)”, “The Star (XVII)” & “The Tower (XVI)”. Birdfeast, Issue 11, January 2015. Here!

“The Emperor (IV)” & “The Fool (O)”. Sixth Finch, Issue 26, Fall 2014. Here!

“Cold Snap” &  “Probable Cause.” Inter|rupture,  June 2014. Here!

“I Have Strapped on a Tiny Parachute & Jumped Into the Future”, “Knowledge was Never the Answer” & “Winter is God Grinding Its Teeth”. Ampersand Review, April/ May 2014. Here!

“Comfort” & “Theories  on the Impossibility of Patience”. elsewhere, Issue 1, January 2014. Here!

“Headless Ghazal”.   DREGINALD, Issue 1, October 2013. Here!

“Humidity”. decomP, September 2013. Here!

“Missing Persons Report II”, “In Which Rapunzel Considers a Talkless Therapy” & “Rapunzel, Three Months After Her Escape”. Permafrost, Issue 35.2, June 2013. Here!

“Missing Persons Report III” & “Sentient”. Likewise Folio, Issue 5, June 2013. Here!

“Walking Sideways” & “Winter is a Matryoshka Doll”. Revolution House, Issue  3.1, June 2013. Here!

“Echo Chamber” & “The Tower, Reversed”. Superstition Review, Issue 11, April 2013.  Here!

“Hunt”. Thrush Poetry Journal, March 2013.  Here!

“Burial at Sea”, “Gift”, “Grace” & “The Mind is Only Its Own Property in Sleep”. ILK journal, Issue 8: Apocalypse, March 2013.  Here!

“There is a Cobra in My Chest” & “This is Not a Complaint”. Birdfeast, Issue 5, Winter 2013.  Here!

“Portrait, Guilt Obscured by Fog”. elimae, November/ December 2012.  Here!


“On Fear.” Nightblock, Issue 8, April 2016. Here!

“Hyperventilating is Almost Like Meditation”, “Psychopathology of a Head Full of Eggshells.” Mixed Fruit, Issue 8, June 2013. Here!


KMSU Weekly Reader Podcast, October 2017, Interviewed by Michelle Zamanian. Here!

“Feral Like Me.” Pet Poetics, July 2016, Interviewed by Ruth Awad. Here!